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Neatly Humboldt

Sustainable professional organizing systems for your home and business,

meant to last a lifetime.

Serving all of Humboldt County, CA

Well Organized Closet


"Alicia has helped me with several projects: a garden shed that had way too many unused tools, she helped me put my kitchen back together after a remodel, and she helped me pare down and prioritize my "go bags" for wildfire evacuations.  Life is simpler when we know what we have and where to find it!"

Natacha A.

"Who knew getting my home office and computer files into order could be so easy.  The sudden transition to working from home earlier this year left things a mess.  Alicia implemented a system that is straight forward and very user friendly.  I always know where to find exaclty what I'm looking for - definitely a time saver."

Alvaro F.

"Working with Neatly Humboldt has been so helpful!  Alicia listens to what my needs are and adapts her organizing methods to the situation, while also encouraging me to engage in the creation of each system.  Thank you Alicia for being such a good listener & for making organizing so easy and fun!"

Tina C.

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